Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UOB HeartBeat Run 2010

What? UOB HeartBeat Run 2010

When? 28 March 2010

Where? Lake Garden KL

How far? 7km & 3.5km.

Who? UOB Employees only.

I just had 2 1/2 hours of shuteyes for this event after the Energizer Night race the day before. I survived 24 hours walk before, so it was no problem for me. Heheh!

Volunteered my service to Outdoor Pursuits Services (RunnersMalaysia) as one of the route marshals. Was stationed at the junction between the main road and the road leading into Lake Garden. Very busy area!

These are some stolen shots I took while waving my red flag to direct the runners to the correct path. It was quite uneventful at my station but I heard there were some major boo-boo at the start. LOL!

Anyway, it was heartening to see big corporate companies like UOB are promoting running/ walking to their employees.

Bumped into Yin who was doing her Sunday run.

Some games after the end of the run.

UOB Big Boss speaking...

The medals.

The winners

The funds from the Heartbeat Run/Walk were channelled to charity.

No video for this race. I was having a tough time snapping pictures, let alone taking video. LOL!

The mamak session with other volunteers at Dewi’s Corner after the race was very enjoyable! Yum! Thanks Jamie & Wan Yew Leong for the treat. :)

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