Thursday, July 28, 2011

Celebrunner: Amber Chia & Baby Ashton @ Athletics Events Charity Fun Run 2011

Amber Chia is our favourite Malaysian supermodel. She looks fantastic even though she is now a proud mother to Baby Ashton.

Even though, we have taken her gorgeous photos in many events, we have not asked her to do the Celebrunner pose until last weekend at the Athletic Events Charity Fun Run.

We found her playing with her son, Baby Ashton at the playground after the run. So, we politely approached her and asked if she would give us a running pose for our blog.

We got a pleasant surprise from Amber. Not only she agreed to give us a static pose, she offered to actually run for our camera too! With baby Ashton in her arm!

See Amber dashes across the playground with Baby Ashton in her arms below! It is hardly a surprise why Amber Chia is Malaysia's best loved super model. She literally goes the distance for the camera!

Thank you Amber Chia!

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More celebrity photos coming right up from the Athletic Events Charity Fun Run!

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