Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Celebrunner: Prem aka the Hunky Pirate @ 8TV Fun Hunt Press Conference

LOL! No, we didn't give him that nickname. Airin Zainul, the big kahuna of 8TV did. We caught up with Prem, complete with the pirate costume at 8TV Launch of the Fun Hunt at the Theatrette, Media Prima just now. Prem could have passed for a real pirate if not for the missing talking parrot on the shoulder and a hook. LOL!

So what is this 8TV Fun Hunt? Is it something to die for? Heheh!

Hmmm...whatever it is, we bet there will be plenty of surprises along the way and some major glitter factor added by local celebrities....We heard some names just now but we forgot to jot it down. Memory has failed us again. LOL!

Anyway, the 8TV Fun Hunt will be organised by 8TV for the very first time as a CSR mission to preserve the environment. It is a eco-friendly hunt but but we wonder, why not a walk hunt instead of a motor car hunt? But I suppose, they decided to do the car hunt to give the leg muscles a rest after the ntv7 Feel Good Run last July. Heheh!

Pirates Hunters, mark your calendar! The Hunt is ON!

The 8TV Fun Hunt will be flagged off at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama at 7:30am and will end at the same place around 3:00pm.

Since the hunt is organised by 8TV, the prizes also have lots of 8 in them. LOL!

For those non "pro" hunters, you can still walk home with attractive prizes... (LOL @ Slowest Team category)

There will be lucky draw too, courtesy of the generous sponsors.

The Clerk of Course (COC).

The proceed will go to the animals and plants at Zoo Negara. The tigers, elephants, crocodiles, birds, orang utans etc will be thankful to your contributions.

Pow Pow will be there wearing his recyclable diaper. :D

Elecoldxhot was there for the launch gambit...

What is in the treasure chest?

Pow Pows!

Bet you want one!

Registration will be open on 26 July 2011 and will be closed on 23 September 2011 or when 50 cars quota is reached. The registration fee is RM25 per person and all proceed will go to the welfare of the animals in Zoo Negara.

Cute fun hunt cupcakes for refreshment after the launch. Thank you 8TV!

The entry form can be downloaded at http://www.8tv.com.my and do like 8TV Facebook Fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/8tvfb for updates.

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