Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nigel Barker's Beauty Equation Book Signing @ Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC

I am not as lucky as Tian Chad ( who won an exclusive invite to attend a photography workshop by the renowned photographer, Nigel Barker. So, I had to queue up like other autograph junkies out there to meet THE Nigel Barker of The America's Top Model at Kinokuniya Bookstore just now.

Nigel Barker is in town to promote his book, Beauty Equation and to conduct several photography workshops in Langkawi & KL.

I bought my book there and then. 20% discount with another purchase. So. I grabbed a piece of postcard with the book.

And I even had it plastic wrapped by the Kino staff while waiting for the arrival of Nigel. P/S It will only cost you RM1 per book to get it wrapped.

Nigel arrived around 5:15pm. Wow! He is a very tall and handsome man; looking as if he had just stepped out of a GQ photoshoot, him being the model, not the photographer!

A quick address to the fans out there....

I got his autograph, took a Facebook profile photo with him and even had a small talk with Nigel while he was signing the book. The whole thing was not rushed and no screaming teenagers around unlike any other autograph session I have attended before. LOL!

I wonder when will Tyra Banks come to Malaysia? Heheh!

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