Thursday, July 07, 2011

Run For Your Lives: A 5km Obstacle Zombie Race!

Adventure runners and racers throughout the world have conquered nearly every challenge thrown at them. They’ve climbed over bales of hay, run through lakes of mud, scaled slippery walls and leapt over pits of fire. But, there’s one thing they haven’t done – escaped zombies.

On October 22, brave souls from across the USA will have a chance to compete in Run For Your Lives, a first-of-its-kind race that takes participants through a series of 12 obstacles over a 5K course—all while being chased by zombies!

Runners are asked to make strategic choices and navigate their way to the finish line. This historic event will take place in Darlington, Md. (located between Baltimore and Philadelphia), and has already drawn registrations from throughout the country, as well as requests for events to be held in other U.S. cities.

Until now, adventure races have only offered runners the opportunity to navigate treacherous landscapes and difficult obstacles – never before have they been chased by zombies while heading to the finish line.

Check out the nail-biting video below.

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Runwitme Says: It would be interesting if our local race organisers would take this up. Instead of flesh eating zombies, maybe we could have pocong, pontianak or hantu tetek chasing after us. LOL!


Fairy said...

Hi there Fellow Runner! I am not sure what your name is but whatever it is, I truly enjoy and appreciate your blog! It's a great way to keep up with the upcoming races around Msia and even abroad.

I thot this Zombie Run was ingeniously creepy! If they ever made a Pocong Run, I would definitely set a new best PR. :P

Fairy said...

Btw are you on twitter? I would love to follow you.