Thursday, August 30, 2012

Run, FB and Blog With Brooks

Meet Mr. Cheah, the General Manager of Paragon Vest Sdn Bhd who distributes sport brands like Brooks, Kronos and Atlanta. Last Saturday, a bunch of us, runners/ bloggers get to meet with him during a gathering organised outside the Brooks boutique in The Curve shopping mall.

According to Mr. Cheah, the main reason behind the gathering is to bring the runners/ bloggers together to participate in the activities lined up and to win some prizes from Brooks. Something fun...because the principle of Brooks is to inspire people to run.

The first part of the section was a briefing on what is Brooks all about. Very much technical. I won't go into that as yet since I, myself are still trying to digest terms like DNA ('s not Deoxyribonucleic acid), MoGo (not a little brother of SOGO), float vs feel in their shoe terminology etc etc etc. I have a feeling that we are supposed to blog about it later. :)

Coffee break....Yummy for the tummy.

The second session was about the competition proper. We have to blog, create a FB page and share...The more we share and the more people like what we share will brighten our prospect to bring home some cash and Brooks products. Marketing 101, eh?

The contest participants have a name - The F Runner. Not A Runner but F. Heheh! F can be Fun or Fast or other four letter word. ;) It could stand for Facebook too since we will be using FB to propagate the information about Brooks.

"So, who wanna win some prizes? Put up your hand!"

The prizes are quite tempting. Since I have never won any prizes from the hundreds of road races that I have joined (due to lack of Kenyan genes), maybe my luck is in blogging about running. :)

First Prize - RM800 Cash + RM800 Cash voucher
Second Prize - RM500 Cash + RM500 Cash voucher
Third Prize - RM300 Cash + RM300 Cash voucher

The winner will be picked based on the highest scores in Visual (30%), Text (20%), Entries (10%) and Engagement (40%)

By turning up that day, all of us get to bring home these goodies each - a Brooks drawstring bag, a Brooks tee shirt and a pair of Brooks socks.

OK. I'm all in for it! There is no turning back now. I need all your support to move forward.

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