Sunday, September 02, 2012

Photos: adidas Breathe and Stop Tour @ The Stage, Kuala Lumpur

What a night it was! Thank you adidas for inviting us to one of the most happening parties in South East Asia!

3 of the world's most legendary hip hop DJs (flown in direct from USA), 3 All Star Dance Crews, 5 of Asia’s most vibrant cities and 1 revolutionary concept where the DJs, dancers and audience are brought together as one!

The 'Breathe And Stop' Tour featured 3 of Hip Hop's most legendary DJ's - DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad from A Tribe Called Quest, DJ Maseo of De La Soul and DJ Shortkut from Beat Junkies spinning the sickest beats and dropping the music in 'originals' style.

DJ Maseo (De La Soul) started the record spinning for the night!

We love the stunning back drop that lit up with digital arts as the music pumped across the dance hall.

Notice that the DJ's deck looks like a huge adidas originals shoe box. :)

The hall was packed!

DJ Maseo handed over the deck to DJ Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest/Lucy Pearl) for the second set.

But DJ Maseo didn't leave the stage. He spewed rap over some of the tracks much to the crowd's delight!

The final DJ to spin was DJ Shortkut (Beat Junkies/I.S.P/Triple Threat) from NYC.

By far, this the coolest party that we have ever attended this year! Too bad we can't break dance like this dude, otherwise we would have set the dance floor on fire! LOL!

Check out the video where Maseo of De La Soul (and Malaysia) sang Happy Birthday to Ali Shaheed Muhammad (A Tribe Called Quest) (Born 11 Aug 1970)

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