Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blog With Brooks: Part 1 – Signature Stride

Is there a correct way to run?

Time and time again, we are being bombarded with this question especially from those who are new to running. There are many way to run depending on how your foot strikes the ground during running. There are the heel-strikers, mid-foot striker and fore-foot-strikers. We were told that heel strikers are bad for the knees and running barefoot does wonder for you.

The market is also being flooded with shoes that claim, their very shoes have that it takes to give the wearer the “correct” form of running for the ultimate performance.

So, is there a correct way to run?

We actually do not have the answer until right about now. (Insert choir and harps sound effect here. Heheh!)

The secret was unlock in a study by Iain Hunter, a biomechanist at BrighamYoungUniversity, who placed a high speed camera at the side of the track at the legendary Hayward Field, at the University of Oregon during the 10K finals of the USA Olympic Trials in 2012.

32 of the best distance runners in USA and only two would make it to London. So, if there is a perfect running form, sure most of the runners, if not all, would display one best foot strike.

But prepare for the paradigm shift. It wasn’t heel strike. It wasn’t fore-foot strike or mid-foot strike either. There was simply no pattern.

Each runner has their own way of running, i.e signature stride!

And when the scientists looked at the running form as a whole, they found out that there are differences at the ankle joint, knee joint and hip joint! Basically, every runner is unique but all of them have what it takes to be the best runner in the field.

Everyone is born with his or her own stride. When we run – the bones, joints and soft tissue will align to work together as one to suit our very own style of running. The body will do what comes naturally. What it feels comfortable. The body will find a way to achieve the motion path of least resistance.

Well...having found that we all have our own ways of running i.e our signature strides and not part of some theoretical “right” or “wrong” form, the next question would be, is there one shoe that fit us all?

We will move closer to the answer in the next blog post. Heheh! Until then, do enjoy the below teaser of a new paradigm on the running shoes.

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