Friday, December 27, 2013

KL Tower International Towerthon 2014 is Now Open for Registration!

What? KL Tower International Towerthon Challenge 2014

When? 18 May 2014, Sunday, 5:00am

Where? Menara Kuala Lumpur/ KL Tower

Who? Organised by Menara Kuala Lumpur

How? Manual Registration is Open at KL Tower. Online registration HERE. :)

Registration fees. The earlier, you sign up, the more you save.

Check out the prizes....(Insert "kaching" sound effect here)

Runwitme says: Be prepared to wake your legs up for the 2058 steps of the 421 meters tall tower! It's gonna be epic!

1 Comment Wit Me:

Kamarul Azree



may i know how can i be a part of the volunteer crew for the event? and if possible, for other events too. it would be much appreciated to hear a response from you.

thank you in advance!

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