Monday, December 01, 2014

Confused? Men's Health/ Women's Health Night Run vs Shape Night Run

We get some feedbacks from runners saying that they are confused between the Shape Night Run 2015 and Men's Health/ Women's Health Night Run 2015.

Shape Night/ Men's Health Night Run used to be organised by BluInc Media Sdn Bhd i.e they were used to be under the same publisher. Starting from 2014, Men's Health is no longer being published by Blue Inc Media. A new publisher called Mongoose Publishing Sdn Bhd has taken over the rights to publish this magazine in Malaysia.

It's like a divorce. ;)

Next year, Shape and Men's Health Magazines have come up with their own version of the run in Putrajaya.

Hence, we have Men's Health Run on 21 March 2015 while Shape Night Run on 11 April 2015. FYI, Men's Health will have a new "wife" with the launch issue of Women’s Health Malaysia on the same night.

So, the "divorce" of Shape and Men's Health Run has benefited we the runners! We get TWO night runs with awesome goodies from two most prominent health magazines in the country. And of course, the technical and operational organiser for both run, is laughing all the way to the bank for this. ;)

Hope this clear the confusion.

For more info about both runs, click the links below.


SHAPE NIGHT RUN 2015 (11 April 2015)

Note: In 2013, we blogged about the departure of Men's Health Magazine from the original publisher Blu Inc to a new publisher Mongoose. Blu Inc is also the publisher of SHAPE Magazine. Read about it HERE.

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