Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kemensah Krazy - Trail Run 2015

What? Kemensah Krazy - Trail Run

When? 12 April 2015 (Sunday) 7:00am

Where? Kemensah (Ampang)

How far? 5, 15, 30 & 45 km

How to register? Click www.asiantrailexplorers.com

NOTE: Kemensah Kiddos Krazy 5 KM is ideal for novices and those who want to experience what hiking and trail running is all about - even young children can participate (instead of going for all these road runs, this an opportunity to find out how different trail running is).

Kemensah Kinda Krazy 15 KM is ideal for those who want to have a feel of what the jungle is all about without going to extremes, while the Kemensah Kracking Krazy 30 KM participants will have to leave their comfort zone.Kemensah Killer

Krazy 45 KM is recommended for those who are addicted to hiking and trail running or fit people who want to go straight away for the real deal. This is our second event in the Die Hard Series

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