Thursday, December 18, 2014

Giveaway: Cerita Hantu Malaysia Gala Night Movie Passes

Every ghost stories has some truth to it. 'Cerita Hantu Malaysia' features 3 tales of such tales that are interconnected.

It begins at an old school with Aki, a security guard stationed at the school at night in lieu of his friend. During his shift, Aki has been disturbed by a few scary incidents. In response, the school authorities seek the services of a religious teacher to exorcise the wild spirits that haunts the school.

The religious teacher and his assistant Saad hired a bus and was on the way back with the trapped spirits when an incident involving his assistant’s mother passing away that they had to make a detour across an old road. While traveling along the old road their bus crashes. The religious teacher then suffers a heart attack and without his medication by his side, passes away on the road itself. In a stroke of bad luck, Mansur and Jo who was driving knocks Saad down, while he was trying to bury the box containing the spirits.

The story continues with 4 friends: Jo, Mansur, Akim & Rose, and a fateful journey in search for a medicine man. During their fateful trip, Rose is possessed by evil spirits, and goes missing. While attempting to locate her, Rose’s friends come across many frightful incidents until they come across the body of Saad and a religious teacher by the side of a bus.

Release date: 25 Dec 2014
Language: Malay
Director: Pierre Andre
Casts: Kamal Adli, Leez Rosli, Kamarul Hj.Yusoff, Wan Ellyas, Mikail Andre, Adam Shah, Rahhim Omar
Genre: Horror
Running Time: 84 min
Rating: P13

The generous people at RAM Entertainment is giving 10 lucky readers of this blog two tickets each to watch "CERITA HANTU MALAYSIA" Special Preview Screening.

Date: 23 Dec 2014 (Tuesday)
Venue: Cathay Cineplex eCurve
Time: 9.00pm

Here's how you can win. Answer this simple question

Who is the director of CERITA HANTU MALAYSIA

The 10 readers will win a pair of tickets each. Send your entry via email to with the subject "CERITA HANTU MALAYSIA" not later than this Monday 22 December. Winner will be contacted via email. Do include your FULL NAME, IC Number and Phone number.

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