Friday, December 12, 2014

Project Good Deeds: Donate Your Old Shoes and Tees to the Needy in the Orang Asli Communities

There are still many people in different parts of our world still walk around barefoot, not by choice but because they lack resources to put shoes on their feet. Project Good Deeds is an initiative by Multi Purpose Insurans Berhad (MPIB) that collects pre-loved sports/running shoes and tee shirts for the Orang Asli community.

This project is preceded by Project Good Deed Shoes, which collected 249 pairs of shoes for 2 Orang Asli settlements.
With the doubling of the beneficiaries to 4 settlements in Project Good Deeds, MPIB hopes the number of donors and collected items would increase.

The launch of Project Good Deeds was held during a special session counting down the 30 days to MPIB Run race day at Pacific Regency Hotel Suites on 12 December 2014.

The project came about following the feedback of the MPIB Runs’ participants, who replaced their shoes regularly for the maintenance of their performance. Project Good Deeds allows its runners to reduce waste and practise reusing by donating their still wearable shoes and tee shirts to the indigenous minority community.

So, gather your old shoes and tees. Donations of shoes and tees can be made at these dates and location:

20 December 2014 - Padang Merbuk Car Park (7am - 10am)
27 - 28 December 2014 - Lot 10 Sports Hub, Lot 10 Shopping Centre (11am - 7pm)
10 January 2015 - Padang Merbuk Car Park (10am - 6pm)
11 January 2015 - Padang Merbuk Car Park (6am - 11am)

NOTE: Please the shoes and tees are in wearable conditions. It is a charity project, not a garbage dump.

You will be given one of these tokens of appreciation after you have done your donation.

For more info and update about Project Good Deeds, please click

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