Monday, December 15, 2014

International Nuang Jungle Marathon 2015

What? International Nuang Jungle Marathon 2015

When? 8 November 2015 (Sunday) 7:00am

Where? Pangsoon (Hulu Langat)

How far? Half Marathon & Full Marathon. Participants for the Full Marathon are expected to finish their run within 14 hours. Participants of the Half Marathon are given 10 hours to finish their race

How to register?

The 2nd edition of the International Nuang Jungle Marathon is an international endurance marathon for trail runners and hikers. Although it is a race with time registration, it is rather a fight against yourself instead of against the clock. Set within the tropical rainforest and dense jungles of Hulu Langat (Selangor), runners and hikers will have to endure harsh conditions before reaching the finish line.

Note: These jungle events require a serious level of fitness and endurance. If you are unable to meet the stipulated cut-off times, you will not be allowed to continue the race and you might be asked to turn back. If you are fit, take up the challenge. It’s the only way to find out whether you are up to it or not.

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