Monday, May 25, 2015

Media Release: Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathon Returns With A Bang!

Kuala Lumpur, 25 May 2015 – Celebrity Fitness Malaysia’s Indoor Fitathlon is coming back for the second year for an even bigger and more exciting fitness challenge! This year, 20 lucky Malaysians will pair up with celebrities to compete in a series of fitness challenges to win their share of prizes worth RM30,000.

The Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon 2.0 takes place on 13th June 2015 (Saturday), 10am at GF, High Street in 1 Utama, and will give Malaysians a chance to test out their fitness abilities with 20 celebrity partners, including Peter Davis, Tony Eusoff, Mark O'Dea, Gary Yap, Jason Phang, DJ Lin, Steve Yap, Ian Ong, Phirence, Brian Chen, Cindy Chen, Winson Voon, Angeline Ooi, Jess Chong, Hana Teo, Terry Ong, Azura Zainal, Annie Wong, Linora and John Oh.

“At Celebrity Fitness, we always advocate for Malaysians to pursue a healthier lifestyle by exercising and what better way to encourage people to stay fit than to put a twist to simple workout routines by pairing them up with their favourite celebrities. Through the challenges, we can demonstrate how working out can be effective and empowering, and yet motivating and fun if done in pairs,” said Kris Malhotra, Country Group Fitness Manager of Celebrity Fitness Malaysia.

The Fitathlon is inspired by Fast Fit, one of the most popular Celebrity Fitness signature classes. Just like the name suggests, Fast Fit is a series of high intensity, high energy workouts designed to tone muscle definition, burn off fast rapidly and train the coordination of core muscles.

To sign up for the challenges, participants have to submit the most creative slogan on which celebrity they wish to pair up with and why through the application page. Selected participants will then have the chance to partner with their chosen celebrity and complete 20 stages of workouts together in 5 minute bursts.The goal of the race is to execute as many sets as possible at each station while keeping the right form and proper technique.

“The buddy teams will race through the stations simultaneously and the final winner will be determined by the combined number of repetitions completed by both partners for each activity,” explained Kris. “It is a competition against other teams, but also challenges the teamwork of the partners and the motivation of the contestants themselves.”

To sign up for the Indoor Fitathlon 2.0, complete the phrase "I choose (celebrity's name) because…" in not more than 20 words and send it to, along with your full name, IC number, email address and handphone number. Submissions close on 8 June 2015, 11:59pm.

“After experiencing the excitement of last year’s Indoor Fitathlon, I can’t wait to find out what new challenges lie ahead for both me and my partner,” Tony Eusoff, who participated in the 2014 Fitathlon, said.

The Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon 2.0 is proudly supported by the following partners: Adidas Malaysia, L'Oréal Professional Malaysia, Gatorade, Square Box Pictures, OtterBox, Carlo Rino, Esse Organic Skin Care and Zova Café.

Head on over to the Celebrity Fitness’ Facebook Page at to find out more about The Celebrity Fitness Indoor Fitathlon.

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