Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Media Release: National Running Day with Brooks Run Happy Nation Report!

Partnering Up Is Optimal: Brooks Running Survey Reveals a Third of Runners Prefer to Pair With Friends Over Fitness Trackers

Respondents also divulge that runner’s high can fuel ‘friskiness’ post workout

Runners carefully consider their gear, from head to toe (and everything in between):

· When it comes to running undies, 62% of American women prefer briefs, while only 8% admit to going full commando. In contrast, 72% of German women prefer granny panties for more coverage, while Canada tops the bottomless list with the most female runners (11%) revealing they like to go commando.

· Sports bras come in all shapes and sizes, but the survey reveals racerback styles are the most popular (47%), with crossback (39%) and front closure (14%) following.

· Who needs high heels and hiking boots when you have running shoes? Asked to choose one type of shoe to wear for the rest of their lives, 74% of respondents say they would don running shoes.

The fit and famous inspire runners on- and off-screen:
· Along with the obvious health benefits of running comes the buff-ness bonus. Sculpted legs are the No. 1 benefit, with 37% of women surveyed saying they run to attain legs like actress Cameron Diaz, while 48% of men aspire to have muscular legs like soccer star David Beckham.

· When asked which award-winning running scene they most connect with, 32% of respondents relate to “Forrest Gump” and just keep running; 26% have the eye of the tiger like “Rocky”; and 18% want solitude á là “Silver Linings Playbook.”

Whether inside or out, at home or away, it’s all about getting in a good run:
· Ah, the great outdoors! Asked to pick their favorite running surface, 47% of respondents choose the fresh air of the trails.

· When your everyday trails start to stale, it’s time to hit the road for a run-cation. Looking for ideas? Running around the Grand Canyon is the No. 1 choice for 27% of respondents, followed by the Romantic Road of Germany for 24%, and the Great Wall of China for 23%.

· As the weather gets cold and frightful, runners prove their dedication to the sport: 43% of respondents reveal they would hop on the treadmill instead of missing their run. Runners in Germany are most likely to brave the temperatures outside (52%), versus 29% in the U.S., and 28% in Canada.

There are certain things runners just can’t live without (or with):
· Music takes the prize for the accessory runners can’t live without (53%); 18% say pockets are key, while performance socks (13%) round out the top three.

· Running pitfalls can hinder even the toughest athletes. Among the biggest annoyances for respondents: blisters covering feet (43%), nature calling with no toilet in sight (32%) and chafing everywhere (14%).

They say you are what you drink, and runners couldn’t agree more:
· Most runners (44%) classify themselves as wine runners – they get better with time.

· Tied for second place with 24% each are beer runners, who have a little hop in their step, and cocktail runners, who like to shake up their routine.

Study Methodology
The Brooks Run Happy Nation Report was conducted by Wakefield Research ( among 1,000 adult runners ages 18+, defined as adults who run at least once per week, in each of the following countries: U.S., Canada and Germany. Data was collected between January 20th and January 30th, 2015, using an email invitation and an online survey. The margin of error for this survey is 3.1 percentage points.

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