Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Luck To All Runners of Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009

You have trained hard. You have been carbo-loading. Now it's time to shine! 100%!

Good luck! All the Best!

If you see a runner with a camera (with a mini tripod) pointing at you, just wave and smile. :)

I am busy making a playlist for my MP3. Songs from Lady Gaga (Fame Monster), Shakira (Give It Up To Me), Mariah Carey (100%), Madonna (Celebration Megamix), Adam Lambert (Sure Fire Winner), Kris Allen (Live Like You're Dying), Black Eyed Peas (Meet Me Halfway - at the Penang Bridge Heheh!), Susan Boyle etc. (Yes..Susan's Wild Horses for cooldown).

Note: The above photo was grabbed from the PBIM Facebook album. It's one of the statues erected at Jelutong Expressway in conjuction of the run.

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