Monday, November 30, 2009

SPCA's Wag and Walk

What? Wag and Walk

Where? Taman Melawati

When? 28 Nov 2009 (8am)

Who? Organised by SPCA, Selangor

About 21 dogs showed up at the inaugural Wag and Walk event held last Saturday morning! What a fine morning for a walk!

It was a short hike up a private property called Canine Country Home, located at a hillside in Taman Melawati. The participating dogs cames in various sizes, from the large Golden retriever to the small (but fierce) Jack Russell Terrier.

The hike was organised to raise fund for SPCA. It will be a recurring event. Watch out for announcement in SPCA Selangor website.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoy shooting them!

When it comes to greeting, a sniff in the butt will do for the dogs! :)

These two were enjoying a cool dip in the pool.

Plenty of snack for the dogs. Meat and sausages frozen in ice.

Come to Momma!

The owners seemed to enjoy themselves too at the walk.

Cute, eh?

Adorable furball.

Run, boxer run...

He might be small but he knew how to mark his territory!

Christine Chin, The President of SPCA, Selangor. Owner of the Canine Country Club.

Former singer of The Platters (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes, Only You), Donnie Radford.

This is Max.

This is my favourite picture. The cutie looked as if it was smiling but actually it was panting. :) No photoshop here.

Time to go home. Lucky dog got a ride on the trolley.

Now the video. Remember to watch until the credit is over as see if you could identify the song with the barking singing dogs.


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i just saw the blossite.. they are all so cute.. my furball is there. Thanks for sharing this post.



Janice, youre welcome. Which one is your furball? Heheh!

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