Thursday, November 19, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad's Films by Amir Muhammad Book Launch

I am a fan of Yasmin Ahmad's films. Naturally, I will lap up anything that gotta do with her work! :)

The new book about Yasmin AHmad's Film is written by Amir Muhammad.

I was looking forward to the launch of the book since I have submitted my 20 words sentence about Yasmin's work to be included in the book.

Is my sentence published? Unless you know my full name...the answer will remain a mystery. Heheh!

The launch was held at Sunway University College. It was picked because Yasmin had given a talk there in the last weeks of her life.

This is Amir Muhammad - writer, publisher and controversial movie-maker.

He wrote the book about one month after Yasmin's passing. The book is Amir's personal look at Yasmin's six feature-length films (RABUN, SEPET, GUBRA, MUKHSIN, MUALLAF and TALENTIME), as well as several of her most popular commercials.

A short interview video with Yasmin Ahmad called Kak Min.

Memorable quote: "Saya bagi awak tali, kayu, awak kena buat jambatan sendiri, saya tak kan buatkan awak jambatan". on her movie making approach.

Vernon Adrian Emuang reading about Yasmin Ahmad's Petronas Merdeka ads.

Who's that girl?

Jo Kukhatas reading a section of the book about SEPET, Yasmin first big screen movie.

Some dude from MERCY Malaysia. Sorry didn't get his name. (Insert sheepish smile here)

Sharifah Amani came late and had to sit on the stairs for a brief moment...until someone offered her a seat! She is the most featured actress in Yasmin Ahmad's films.

All the writer's royalties from the first edition will be donated to the MERCY- Yasmin Ahmad Fund for Children.

There was a showing of Yasmin Ahmad produced video for MERCY Malaysia, approximately 17 mins long.

What's with the green tea flavoured J-Co Donuts? Watch the video below to find out.

Actress, Jo Kukathas buying a copy of the book! They were selling like hot banana fritters! J-Co green tea donuts!

Mahesh & Sharifah Amani...high on donuts?

Now the video. See how the book was launched by Sharifah Amani and find the answers to these questions.

Why Rais Yatim (Minister of Information) was not invited to launch the book?

Why sometimes Yasmin called people Bastard Bitch?

Why there is a green tea donut on the cover of the book?


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