Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nutrilite 75th Years Walk & Health Carnival

What? Nutrilite 75th Years Walk & Health Carnival

Where? Dataran Petaling Jaya.

When? 1 Nov 2009, 6:30am

How far? 7.5km...It was their 75th Year celebration. So next year 7.6km? :P

Who? Organised by Amway

I had to drag myself out of bed around 5:00am for this. It's free for public but I could see most of the participants were Amway members! Nobody can be so perky and "all-smiley" at 6:00am in the morning like a bunch of direct-selling salespeople!

A 7.5km walk with Dr. Sam Rehnborg - son of Nutrilite founder, Carl F. Rehnborg.

The first 1,000 participants who arrive before 6.00am on the actual day of event will receive a mystery gift. But the queue was so long....So I decided not to queue and walked to the start point.


Jue and her two god-sons...Pretty hyper, eh?

The walk took the walkers around Petaling Jaya. I didn't walk the whole course but made a U-turn back to Taman Jaya where anoher walk event (Walk With Love) was about to start around 7:30am.

The turn out was huge! I guess Amway is very popular here in Malaysia. :)

There was even a chingay demo by the Penang Amway Distributors.

I was surpised when I saw many participants running to the finish line. Wasn't it supposed to be a WALK event? Hmmm.....???

This is Tan Wah Sing, the amazing iron feet shoeless runner from Kuantan Pacesetters. He was the champion of the walk run. :P

A cert for everybody......

Check out the video. Look out for Tan Wah Sing's great finish! Amazing runner who believes in the power of barefeet!


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