Friday, November 13, 2009

Nur Fazura Jadi Mak Ayam Pisau Cukur?

Went to this event at Berjaya Times Square to catch a glimpse of Maya Karin and Nur Fazura. Only Nur Fazura appeared. Maya was no where to be seen. Radhi Khalid, a supporting cast made an appearance instead. Dang!

Free iced Nescafe was served to cinema goes. Those who dared to venture on stage went home with at least a month's supply of caffeine.

Meet pretty girl, Nur Fazura who played a "Pisau Cukur" (literal translation - razor blade), which is equivalent to gold digger in English.

Gold Digger - a woman who uses her sexual attractions to accumulate gifts and wealth or advance her social position.

Clever marketing positioning - Schick a famous brand of pisau cukur/ razor blade is the sponsor of the movie. :)

In real life Nur Fazura is no stranger to controversy - she allegedly assaulted Geraldine Mariana Wong with her shoe, during a fight over Ahmad Razman Ahmad Razali, 30, (the son of the late Tan Sri Ahmad Razali Mohd Ali, former Selangor Menteri Besar). She was aquitted later. Source Wikipedia.

Laughing her way to the bank....

With sugar daddy co-star, Radhi Khalid.

Autograph signing session.

Brought to you by Nescafe....without Maya Karin though :(

Check out the video - Nur Fazura became a "Mak Ayam" (Mama-san) and sold a girl for RM500 for 1/2 Hour to the lecherous Radhi Khalid. LOL!


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