Wednesday, November 18, 2009

King Of Fraser's Hill 2009

No! I'm not trading my running shoes with a set of wheels. :)

I was at Fraser's Hill for a weekend retreat. Chanced upon this race. I didn't know much about this race so I can't write much about it. Hope you like the pics.

It was a part of the Fraser's Hill Family Carnival. Other activities included paint ball and archery.

Late starters...

Painted road.

Goodies bags.

The leader looking over the shoulder to check out competition.

Final push!

That fler won the race!

Earlier, I SMSed my friend Jamie to ask him what is the best shutter speed for panning. Our good friend didn't switch on his mobile phone until later in the afternoon.

So, I was left with my own device and I think this can be considered a panning shot? :P

Jubilant to finish.

Upcoming event. Anyone?

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