Friday, February 26, 2010

Article: Planning To Run Faster?

I get at least a dozen of emails every day – subscriptions from my favourite websites, some forwarded internet jokes and chain letters that warn if you don’t forward this, your d*ck will fall off kinda emails. Heheh! And some indecent proposals from some millionaire heiresses from some African countries too.

But gems do pop up occasionally from the bulk of the junk and spam mails. This is one of them, courtesy of my running pal from down south – Mohan “Baba” Marathon. (Thanks Baba!)

It is an article that lists some interesting tips from veteran athletes and experts on how to improve your run timing. Also includes a road race calendar in Singapore.

The Newton 30K on Oct 10 looks like a good prelude for my Penang Bridge Marathon. We’ll see....(Insert smile here)

Read the article HERE.

Source: The Straits Times. Date: Jan 9, 2010

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