Saturday, February 06, 2010

REVIVE - Rev-Up Facebook Party

Come to a party that's seriously Rev-ed-Up!

What? Revive - Rev-up Facebook Party

Where? Euphoria Ministry of Sound

When? 5 Feb 2010, 7pm-11pm.

Who? JJ & Ean, Aznil Nawawi, Pop Shuvit, Ferhad, Burn, Dina, DJ's from HITZ, ERA, MY FM and THR RAAGA etc.

It was an awesome party with all Revive you can drink! Got the invites from Facebook. Since the place is just a stone's throw from my house, I had no reason not to go! :)

But it would be nice if I got picked up in a trolley like this! LOL!

Dina (Malaysian Idol) opened up the show with "No One". No doubt she REV-ed the house down with her earth-shattering high notes.

BTW, that dude in the white shirt behind Dina is JJ from

JJ & Ean.

The party brought FACEBOOK into the real, physical world - where you can "poke", send "hugs", "like" and etc. They even had the "mafia". Too bad, no farming was allowed! LOL!

Burn (Akademi Fantasia) getting a pottu "poke" from a fan. That was how you poke people in the party. You stick a POKE sticker on them!

Ean's poker face. LOL!

The Loser DJs got poked to the max. They had lost the Rev-up challenge in the FB earlier.

Aznil Nawawi. Can you believe this guy is 48 years old? WOW! Looks like a college kid to me. He hosted the award ceremony for the Rev-up winners from various challenges which were conducted in FB.

Winners took home some cool ca$ha.

Who's fat @$$ is this?

Oops!...It belongs to Ferhad. This guy has gone from gymfit to fat! Time to hit the gym, mister!

The highlight of the night! Pop Shuvit! If you like Linkin Park, you will like these guys!

Aznil was a winner too! He donated his winning ca$ha to a boy who will be losing his eyesight. What a cool guy, eh?

The grand prize winner...

The party was good clean fun! Thanks to Revive for Rev-ving up the night!

OK. Time for the video. You guys have to check this awesome performance by Pop Shuvit! Their new one called Oh! Sizuka.


What's a party without the chicks, eh?

For more photos of the event, do check out REVIVE Facebook page.

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