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Muzikal ANTARA... A Photo Tribute

What? Antara....(Syurga dan Neraka) Muzikal Theater.

Where? Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur.

When? Preview Night - 25 Feb 2010. The theater has a limited run on 26, 27 & 28 Feb only.

Who? Featuring Jamal Abdillah, Ziana Zain, Fahrin Ahmad, Nasha Aziz, Azhan Rani, Azlan Typewriter etc. Directed, written and produced by Erma Fatima.

How much? Tickets RM 50, 70, 100, 150, 200 & 250. Buy yours at

It is not your usual musical where the cast does all the acting and singing together.

The acting was left to established actors like the dishy Fahrin Ahmad and the gorgeous Nasha Aziz while the singing was left to the hands of the country's music heavyweights like Jamal Abdillah & Ziana Zain.

So, what you get is a spiritual theater show weaved with singing performance between the scenes. Not a bad thing though!

But who is this fler that looks like a cross between Adam Lambert on a bad hair day with a lizard?

He is the Devil or Iblis, played to a sinful perfection by Azhan Rani! I think he got more cheers and scene time compared to other actors. It's not a bad thing though! Heheh!

The story "transport" us back to the beginning of time when Adam & Hawa (Eve) were still frolicking in white bodytight catsuits (eh????) in Heaven....This is supposed to be Syurga or Heaven.

The Iblis got jealous of them two and tempted them to eat the Forbidden Fruit. Familiar with the story so far? Heheh!

Then before you know it Adam and Hawa were banished to Earth for disobeying God.

The Iblis continued to taunt and misled Adam and Hawa's offsprings, well basically mankind towards the path of destructions.

The storyline is pretty simple actually, spiced with spiritually themed songs. Having said that, I didn't know "Meniti Titian Usang" by Search is a spiritual song! My eyes were opened and my jaw was dropped when Azlan Typewriter belted it.

Wow! It was amazing and very relevant to the storyline! It was coupled by a breathtaking scene where all those who have sinned fall into the what looks like hellfire while walking on a "titian usang" or and old bridge.

But there is always a salvaton at the end for those who choose to led the road back to ......

(Pssst..I can't mention the name here because I am a non-Muslim! :P)

Jamal Abdillah on bended knees, belting out KepadaMu Kekasih.

Iblis and a tormented soul. Watching this scene is like reading the book Azab Kubur all over again! My reading materials have changed over the year but it still bring chills to the bones.

My kinda Diva. Ziana Zain is one of the reason I go for this show! Heheh!

As usual she didn't disappoint in the vocal acrobatic department! Yay!

Ziana Zain scalded both her hands, abdomen and thighs with hot water while preparing tea for breakfast before Chinese New Year. Her hand looks like it is healing from the picture. Take care, ZZ!

Overall I think the cast did a great job! I don't like the "nun" scene though. Filled with stereotypes and as if the Muslims are constantly in a struggle while rest of world is trying to "get" them. Most of us are just minding our own businesses and not out to "get" anyone. My personal opinion only.

Uh oh! Why is Nasha Aziz crying? And Fahrin too? Huwa!

I think they are being touched deeply by the spiritual impact of the show. It is religious themed anyway.

We are all human after all.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures so far. If you like to see more, click the YouTube slideshow below. All photos taken by me. So, should you want to post it somewhere else, please link it back to my blog.

Note: background music - Meniti Titian Usang by Lan & Typewriter. It blew me away when I heard it. :)


Note: Photos published here are for promotional purpose only. Please support the show by watching it at Istana Budaya while it is still playing! Hurry - Feb 26, 27 & 28 only!

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all photos are great and a great review too.i went to the show last night as well and yeah, agreed with what u've said :)
p/s to me, the 'iblis' was absolutely a hero last night.



i'll b part of d show dis sunday

all bcoz of




hi! i letak link entry ni kat my facebook profile. hope u dont mind :)



=>Sangkenggeru, Thanks for your kind words and supports.

=>Qarl, you be IN the show? On the stage?

=>Aisyah, no prob.



i was there last thursday. i like all the performance from Azlan and also Jamal's especially when he sang 'Kepadamu Kekasih'...

meremang bulu roma~~

wan khairy


nice blog... nice comment.

ramainyer pergi sbb ZZ...


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