Friday, February 12, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Dreaming

What? Kuala Lumpur Dreaming Exhibition Opening Night

Where? The Annexe Gallery, Central Market Annexe

When? Thu 4 to Sun 21 Feb 2010

I dream of Lok Lok.

It was a rainy evening. Traffic was crazy. The hot steaming lok lok saved the night. Actually, it was my first time having lok lok at an function like this. Not a usual food offering at an art exhibition, I must say. LOL!

1.6 million dreamers and counting. Is KL big enough for all our dreams?

"Representing the visions of 30 artists, photographers, sculptors, as well as communities of Burmese refugees, orang asli and children affected by HIV, this exhibition shows how we imagine our little space in the city, find boldness in our expression, and appreciate each other's dreams".

No wonder we get people sleeping in the gallery! It is all about dreaming.... They are not homeless by the way :)

20 people's dreams captured in the jars, complete with expiry dates (if any)

I wonder how could they sleep in such noisy environment. But, I supposed KL is a noisy place.

Some music to soothe you to dreamland? Hardly, the pieces was quite exuberant and playful. :)

These guys are from High Wind (Encounter MPO)

The guy who dreamt about KL Dreaming and made it an art exhibition....

The guy who is in charged of the photo exhibition next door.

Movie maker, Amir Muhammad talking about the interesting headlines of "Harian Metro" that inspired an art piece by him.

Lady in red? That's Edwin Sumun, BTW.

Suggestions For Lunch Time Activities In KL For Busy Government Workers??

Grow your own greens artfully in these.

Kids playing with Harian Metro art piece.

This guy must be a fan of KL public transport. Wonder how he managed to take out the LRT tickets from the station. LOL!

KL Dreaming had a joint opening with BEYOND OUR CITY: LIGHTS & MYTHS.

Check out the video. My camera was running low on battery, so the scenes are a bit choppy.


Very interesting exhibitions that add splashes of dreams into the Malaysian art scene. I promise you, it will not put you to sleep! :)

Go see other KLites' dreams in the jars and maybe you can create your own dream in a jar too. :)

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