Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Beach-y Valentine

Happy belated Valentine’s greetings! This year Valentine’s Day fell on the first day of CNY. Have fun looking at the candid pics and vids I took at Teluk Chempedak beach during the holiday. (Insert lovey-dovey blinking eyes here)

There are many ways to express love. These few youngsters “made love” in public. LOL!

Love is taking a slow walk on the beach. You have to get your feet wet!

I love my daddy....Check out my daddy's ear piercing!

Love makes you jump for joy.....(or jump off the building) LOL!

They are willing partners in love.

Love is enjoying each other’s company even when it is just lying there doing nothing.

Love hits you like a crashing wave.

You can either enjoy it or get out of the water.

Love is like flying a kite. If the kite stuck on a tree, it’s time to get a new kite.

I thought of those captions all by myself. Corny, eh? LOL!

Now check out the video titled Wind. Sea. Kites. Life is a beach!


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