Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zero Emission Eco Marathon INBA (イベント情報) 2011

I heard about this idea of Eco Marathon from Mr. Hajime himself during his wedding last year! Wow! It is going to materialise in April 3, 2011 at Princess Matsumushi Park near Inba Nihon Idai station, 10 minutes train ride from Tokyo-Narita International Airport and 50 minutes train ride from downtown Tokyo.

It will be a very INTERESTING race, one of a kind! Here's some interesting points.

Run the marathon course while picking up rubbish. Trash Pickup Contest will be voted by how hard or "beautifully" the participant picked up the trash. Trash picked up will be weighed and photo will be taken as proof! There is not much rubbish to pick anyway since Japan is well known for its cleanliness! LOL!

This is a COSPLAY marathon. You get to play dress up! Cosplay Contest will be voted by the uniqueness and the message delivered by the costume - environment, humanity and peace. Votes will be from the participants and volunteers at the Farewell Party. If I go, I will dress up as MOTHER EARTH. Sure win one. Hahah!

Since it is a ZERO Emisson race - If you come to the start by driving vehicles that emit pollutants, you will be disqualified. I am not kidding! Take public transportations, bicycle, running or walking!

You will run through a unique course, complete with cherry blossoms, beautiful lakefront and countryside greeneries. Wow! Spring time galore!

Water stations are merely for filling water or sports drink into YOUR own water bottle. No paper or styrofoam cups litter on the ground like other marathons!

At the Farewell Party, awards will be presented to the Eco Heros who have contributed most for the protection of environment regardless of finishing time as well as awards for entertainment, inspiration and enjoyment. So, no need to speed. :)


Download the race info HERE


Visit the official blog

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