Sunday, November 28, 2010

"ExKLusively Yours!" Brides Race @ Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur

What? "ExKLusively Yours!" Brides Race

Where? Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, KL.

When? 28 Nov 2010, 10:30am.

Who? About 40 brides selected from from the hotel's "Romance Under the Tree contest" organised s part of the bridal month campaign. Official radio station, MixFM also chose 10 lucky couples from its Breakfast Show.

How far? 500m only, with 2 tasks along the course - first to look for Doubletree logo in a heart shaped cards and then to look for the bride's own couple picture in a pile of others pictures.

The Brides Race is the finale celebration of the sucessful month long run of the hotel's inaugural Bridal Month and as part of the brand's approach to "doing things differently" as the team showcased their "warm, caring & friendly" service philosophy.

Stretching exercise before the race...

Before the race, a cheering competiton were held to select the best cherrleading partner! Some funny. Some not so original. Some are awfully sweet!

The only bride who wear red! Lucky colour for Chinese!

Briefing in session...

These girls mean business...LOL! The prizes are very attractive indeed. For the Grand Prize - a complementary Wedding Banquet for 20 tables and flower decoration by Wishing Tree worth a total of RM38,000 are at stake.

No blushing brides here...All ready to run!

At the start line. Ready...Get set...Get married!

The race was flagged off by Mr. Ian Barrow, General Manager of Doubletree by Hilton, Kuala Lumpur.

Watch the video below.

Look out for the bride who took a tumble at 0:45. In a flash, she got up and continued the race! The power of RM38,000 Grand Prize! Heheh!


The race was over in less than 5 minutes! We get to see some of the bride sprinting like when they see the hubby with another woman. Oops! Kidding! LOL!

Cool down session, courtesy of hubby! Awwwww.....

Cupcakes tower...Yum!

Truly 1Malaysia winners. Heheh! One Indian, One Malay and One Chinese....

Run for the camera. :)

I had fun being at the race today, even though the briefing took longer than the race itself...LOL! First of its kind in Malaysia! We hope to see more participation next year. Perhaps a longer course so that we could see more of action...and maybe take it to the street of KL. I'm sure it will be a traffic stopper!

We would like to congratulate all the couples participating in the inaugural KL Brides Race! It's a little step towards running a marathon of life together!

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Hi ,I'm the bride who tumble at 0.45! :) thanks for HIGHLIGHTING the most embarrasing moment on video! Power of RM38,000 indeed..

All the same i'm proud to have finished the race as 5th with the support of amazing family and friends! despite all odds of having food poisoning at 4am - 6am and falling another twice times. :)

Need me to send you some photos of my bruises? :P



Thanks for this post! Its the first write up i got to read on the event. Was a hilarious morning and lotsa fun to be a part of :)

Irma Syazrina Subki @ Gina
(2nd place winner)



Hi Li and Gina, thanks for dropping by my humble blog.

Li, wow! You finished 5th? Too bad they don't have the most "gutsy" bride category! My vote would be for you! Pls ask hubby to kiss those bruises to make it better, okay?

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