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17th Annual Charity Walk/ Jog/ Wheel-a-thon with the Disabled 2010

What? 17th Annual Charity Walk/ Jog/ Wheel-a-thon with the Disabled 2010

Where? Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur

When? 14 Nov 2010.

How far? 4km

Who? Organised by Spastic Children's Association Of Selangor & Federal Territory (SCAS & FT)

I have been going for this event witout fail for the past 3 years now. It's one of those races that I keep coming back because I support the cause.

It is where I can see "running with passion" really takes place. Despite their disadvantages in physical and mental forms, the ways some of them run towards the finish line really amaze me. They are just unstoppable!

This is a truly unique event where every year more than 30 NGOs work together for a common cause, among others to raise fund and to create awareness to the public on the many disabilities that exist. The evnt also allows the NGOs especially the smaller ones to raise funds for their activities.

So, what is SPASTIC?

A “spastic” is a person with Cerebral Palsy. This is a disorder of movement appearing in the early years of life. It is due to damage or failure to develop normally in a small part of the brain controlling these activities.

Cerebral palsy takes many forms- in fact no two spastic people are exactly the same. Some are less affected that they have no obvious disability.

Others may be clumsy in their walk or they may have difficulties with their limbs or with muscles that help with speech. Some are even unable to stand or sit and thus, are unable to do even simple things for themselves.

Sometimes the damage involves some part of the brain as well. This leads to deafness and other disabilities involving perception. Many spastic children also have learning difficulties, which makes them slow to mature intellectually.

However, spastic people sometimes have higher than average intelligence though many are slow in catching up due to their handicaps. They often find it hard to control their facial expressions and may seem to be feeble-minded or even to be mentally retarded but some of those who seem to be severely disturbed are on the contrary very active intellectually and not least affected by the disorder

Celebral Palsy is not a disease and it certainly is not catching. It is unusual for two cases to occur in the same family. Broadly speaking a spastic child is born once in every 700 births, without any distinction of sex, race, maternal age or social background.

Celebral Palsy can be caused by many factors. In some cases, there has been damage during pregnancy, or the child’s brain may suffer damage while it is born. But difficult labour is not the only cause. In a number of cases, the problem can be traced to an illness or brain injury during the early years of the child’s life.

The birth of a spastic child is not the fault of either parent. But experts are still unable to identify all the causes.

The Spastic Children’s Association of Selangor & F.T. is a welfare-based charitable organization was established on 6th July 1960 with the sole purpose of providing a comprehensive range of services in education, treatment, sports training, skills development, vocational training and independent living to cerebral palsy (spastic) children.

It continues to give awareness programs to the public in hopes that this disorder is misunderstood and hence break down the barrier of doubts and suspicion that often linger around people with cerebral palsy.

The total cost of running the Centre is about RM 2 million per year. While they get some support from the government, the bulk of their funds are sourced from the public. Hence, they have to rely heavily on the fund-raising efforts as well as the generous support of the corporate sector and the public.

How can you help?

SCAS&FT accepts any form of donation, may it be in kind or monetary assistance. Please contact the Association before making these donations.

  • Voluntary Services
  • Credit Card Donation
  • Material Donation
  • Medical Volunteer

You can also participate in our ‘Sponsor-A-Child Scheme’ now by Contributing RM300 per month or RM3600 per annum for the maintenance of a child.


How many if you who actually thank and shake the hand of the person who hands you your finisher cert? She did!

Cert for veryone who completed the run. :)

To find out more and to donate to Spastic Children's Association of Selangor & Federal Territory, click HERE.

Check out my previous years' race report below:



Source of info from http://scasft.org

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car donation


WOW! What an implausible fund raising activity, you did a great job in organizing this kind of activity. As I look at the photos I can say that the participants really enjoy the event. Congratulation to the participants completed the run.

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