Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Terry Fox Run Vintage Tee: The Miracle of the Dream Runs On (1995)

The great things about the Terry Fox Tees are the inspiring and empowering messages that emblazoned on them. There is a different slogan every year. It's like when you wear it, you live it!

It can inspire others too to fight cancer and to find a cure for it.

Last Sunday's Terry Fox Run 2010, I saw two persons with this vintage Tees on. It was from the year 1995. They are kind enough to allow their photos to be taken for this blog.

Meet Justin. He was 10 years old when he first wore the tee shirt for the run! (Insert image of a cute 10 years old boy in an oversized T-shirt here! LOL!)

This is Mynne. I saw her queuing up for Milo. She was wearing the same Terry Fox Run Tee from 1995.

Thank you for Justin and Mynne for striking a pose with their Terry Fox Tees.

Note: I have started my Terry Fox Tees collection on year 2001 onwards. Check out some of my earlier Terry Fox Tees HERE.

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