Monday, November 01, 2010

Running with Horror: Euphoria 2nd Anniversary / Howl-O-Ween: Full Throttle

It was a night of mayhem and screaming horror at Euphoria last Saturday. The Halloween party coupled with Euphoria's 2nd Anniversary Bash = one helluva party!

People came in throngs and some dressed up to the teeth (literally).

My favourite costume of the night was the Psycho-inspired Norman Bates' "mother", complete with shower curtain. Perhaps the bath tub is too heavy to be lugged around. LOL!

Not sure who won the best dressed though. I had to leave early. Gotta wake up early for a trip to Melaka.

Check out some of the best costumes I spotted at Euphoria's Howl-O-ween: Full Throttle night below. Some in the best "running" poses. Heheh!

Girls just wanna have fun.


Jesus and a not-so-holy-ghost...Heheh!

Lariik....Hantu sudah mari...

"Lady Gaga"...

I think he is some dark lord from Star Wars or something...

A chubby Joker and then some.

Babes on the run...

Horny. :)

Battle of the witches.

Run, run...

Cool costumes!

Chinese vampire....

Bad hair night?

Sugar and spice, and all things nice.

Looking so good "running".

Some horny, some just plain witches.

Toyol, Orang Minyak and Pocong.

Eric's family portrait. Scary eh?

Mummies or zombies dancers? Whatever they were, they were amazing!

The Na'vi DJ from Pandora. LOL! Great pop remixes. Thanks for making the night so fun.

The one that almost got away...:)

Thanks to Euphoria for the Partay for Two invites.

For those who missed the party, check out what you have missed in the following video and scream! LOL!


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Ministry of Sound - Euphoria


Thanks for dropping by Ministry of Sound - EUPHORIA during Halloween and hope you had a great time!

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