Friday, January 14, 2011

Behind The Scene: Energizer Night Race 2011 - Next Top Model Audition

Remember the little casting call for The Next Top Model for Energizer Night Race we posted last month? In case you have forgotten, here it is - LINK.

Thanks to The Battery Man of Energizer, we got an exclusive behind the scene peep of the audition. It was held at a top secret venue in HP Tower few days ago. Heheh!

The hopefuls....

Briefing from Energizer Rep.

Briefing from the art director.

Now it's time to impress the judges....

The shortlisted candidates were asked to do a short intro on video and then some poses as instructed by the art director. So simple that I think my 5 year old niece could do it with her eyes closed! LOL!

Celebrunner in the making!

Checked. No ghost behind me.

Shake my what?


How would Tyra Banks do this?

This is my - Oops I just stepped on a nail pose.

This is my looking for my contact lens pose.

Ready...Get set....

What this? LOL!

Bending backward to impress the judges.

Look ma...No shoes!

Emmm...This is my morning ritual before any road race....

Hiyah! Check out my kung fu pose!

All those model wannabes who turned up were so good that Energizer had decided to hire them all for the poster! Isn't that fantastic? LOL!

The poster shoot will be done at Sepang Circuit this evening. We hope to snoop around at give you some glimpse of the models getting their faces immortalised in the Energize Night Race 2011 Poster! (Insert excited squeal here!)

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