Monday, January 31, 2011

Celebrunner: Owen Yap @ Anugerah Seri Angkasa 2010 Launch

Yes! That's emcee, TV host, 8TV news anchor Owen Yap in the traditional Sarawak Warrior costume. But where is the loin cloth? Heheh!

We caught Owen Yap at the launch of Anugerah Seri Angkasa (ASA) 2010 at Royal Chulan Hotel this morning. ASA 2010 is an award event to recognise the best in Malaysian broadcasting industry.

ASA used to be an RTM only affair but the upcoming ASA 2010 marks the collaboration from Media Prima Berhad and ASTRO. The organiser for this event is the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture.

A total of 3 awards will be given out including three special awards - Special Award for TV, Special Award for Radio and Tokoh Seri Angkasa. Winners will received the ASA trophy and a certificate each, while the recepients of the Best Drama and Best Director awards will each win a trip to Los Angeles.

The theme for ASA 2010 is Dunia Penyiaran: Citra Budaya Malaysia (Broadcasting World: A Reflection of Malaysian Culture).

In line with the theme, they get some of the local Radio and TV personalities to parade around the Royal Chulan Hotel courtyard dressed in traditional costumes.

Check it out....

Francissca Peters did what she does best at the launch - performing a updated version of Ku Ke Udara Lagi and a special song written by Fan and her sister for World Vision Organisation called "Tomorrow". Very nice, Fran! Love it!

The awards event will be held over two days, 18 Feb 2011 (recorded) while the second night on 19 Feb 2011 will be aired live from PWTC on RTM1, TV9 and Astro Prima at 8:30pm.

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