Thursday, January 13, 2011

Photo: Arrested Development @ Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur

The floor of HRC KL was packed like sardines when I arrived about 11:00pm. I managed to find a spot to take better pics of Arrested Development - a very popular US hip hop band in the 90's.

It is very surreal to have people whom I listened to on radio only in my younger days now standing in front of me, performing LIVE no less. Arrested Development joins the like of Ella, Search, Wings, Sheila Majid...and soon Francissca Peter.

Honestly I know only three songs from Arrested Development - Tennessee, Mr. Wendal and People Everyday. Those are the songs I used to bopped my head to during my college years. Feeling nostalgic here. LOL!

This is Speech, the founder, rapper, singer, songwriter etc of Arrested Development.

Montsho Eshe - the singer, dancer, acrobat (?) She danced and danced like a dynamo!

Tasha Larae - her gospel-tinged vocals really gave me goosebumps.

Even though I have not heard of their songs except for the three I mentioned earlier, it didn't stop me from enjoying the show by singing-a-long and bopping my head to the beat.

Backed by a fantastic band, there was hardly a dull moment in the 1 hour plus show.

The only grouse that I could think off is - the stage is too small hence make it restrictive for the performers to move. I think Montsho Eshe had to take special precaution not to slam into her band members while doing those dance moves.

Say whoa....! Say yeah....! People Everyday are having fun.

Here's the setlist.

Thank you Hard Rock Cafe KL for bringing Arrested Development to Malaysia. Who do we want to see next? Perhaps Debbie Gibson and Richard Marx. I will be "right here waiting" to "shake your love"...LOL!

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