Thursday, June 02, 2011

Celebrunner: Miera Liyana @ Nora Elena TV3 Akasia Drama Launch

Why is Miera Liyana running? Must be running from the lecherous "sensasi" blogger who posted her revealing photos in the Net! LOL!

She created a stir in the local entertainment scene a couple of months ago when that notorious photo surfaced in the net. I won't repost it here but if you wanna see it just google her name.

We think Miera Liyana is such a sweet girl. Nice smile. Bubbly personality. And very photogenic.... Here are the proofs. :D

We caught up with her early May during the launch of TV3 Slot Akasia drama series, Nora Elena.

Miera Liyana plays Maria Tan in the drama. Check ot the rest of the pics....ENJOY!

The main cast of Nora Elena - Aaron Aziz, Siti Saleha & Zul Ariffin.

Watch Nora Elena every Monday - Thursday, 7:00pm, Only on TV3.

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