Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Celebrunner: Neelofa Mohd Noor @ Majlis Sambutan Ulang Tahun KRU ke-19

Where is Neelofa running to? It must be to the big birthday bash by KRU brothers at the KRU Studios, Cyberjaya yesterday afternoon. :D

We'd give Neelofa a perfect 10 for the running pose! She did it so beautifully, even though I realised later that she did the pose on top of a septic tank. LOL!

We caught up with this hot young startlet at the media screening and the KRU's 19th Anniversary Celebration. She hosted the event with another guy whom I can't remember the name. Sorry!

Neelofa shot to stardom after winning the Dewi Remaja pageant in 2010.

She is currently a host for Paparazzi, an entertainment segment in KRU TV.

She has a couple of movies in the pipeline - the remake of Azura and a KRU Studios horror comedy with extensive rempit action called King Kapcai.

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Sizzling Suzai


oh mmg cantikk org nyerrrr.... (>.<)



...begitulah.....nano..nano...nano...noooooooo (Lagu Awan Nano oleh Hafiz...tiru Hafiz lari...hehehehe)

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