Monday, June 13, 2011

Running Lab....Opening Soon in Malaysia!

The days we head to Singapore for our running needs are OVER! Heheh!

Running Lab is a specialty running store retailing technically advanced running apparel, equipment and footwear. It is staffed by sports trainers and experienced runners who have the expertise to match the right shoe to your foot type and they are coming to town soon! :D

They carry K-Swiss Zoot Asics Brooks New Balance ON Running Vibram Five Fingers Sugoi BV Sport Drymax Injinji Wigwam Wrightsock FuelBelt Nathan SPIbelt Lock Laces SpeedLaces Halo Headband Halo Headphones Sweat GUTR Wind X-treme GU Energy Labs Hammer Nutrition Clif Polar SportLine Optic Nerve Cho-Pat Penguin SOLE 2Toms

Anyone of you is already having an orgasm while reading the above list? Heheh!

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