Thursday, June 16, 2011

Celebrunner: Yuna - The New Canon Brand Ambassador in Malaysia

I guess this must be the way Yuna running to the bank to cash her big paycheck from Canon. Hahah! Just kidding! :D

CONGRATULATIONS to Yuna for being appointed the brand ambassador for Canon digital cameras and consumer printers. We caught up with Yuna at the press conference at Hotel Istana this morning!

BTW, Yuna is holding a Canon 1100D SLR camera which looks awesome in red instead of the usual black!

By the appointment, Yuna joins a select group of celebrated Canon Malaysia ambassadors consisting the likes of Taiwan's Fahrenheit, HK Superstar Simon Yam and our home grown talented singer-songwriter Penny Tai.

For those who doesn't know who Yuna is, you must have been living under a rock or something...! She is currently one of the country's rising singer/songwriter.

Yuna herself is an avid photography fan and started with a Canon G11 before upgrading to a Canon Mark II now. We were told that Yuna is also a regular photograph and video contributor to the Canon Malaysia Facebook page.

Yuna took the stage to perform two songs acoustically, including the heartbreaking "Decorate".

Yuna is in the midst of preparing her next studio album in the USA which will feature 5 songs produced by Pharrell Williams. We can't wait till September....heheh!

Henry Golding...the emcee.

Yuna is a tall girl...Heheh!

The MOU signed by Yuna and Canon big boss - Mr. Mervyn Ho.

Yup..It's not cast in stone but in a tablet instead. Heheh!

We certainly look forward for Yuna's future work in music, art and photography! Wishing Yuna all the best in USA.... Make Malaysia proud! You go, girl!

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