Thursday, June 09, 2011

Sundown Marathon 2011 Winner Caught Cheating

Thanks to Mr. Mohan for the news clipping.

Willy Kipkemoi Rotich, 20 years old, the winner of Singapore’s Sundown Marathon has been disqualified. The reason: everyone had thought a man named Richard Habeya had crossed the line first. It turns out, Rotich had been wearing Habeya’s bib.

The fraud was discovered when organizers called the winners to double check their finishing times.

Read the full article HERE.

Runwitme Says: Yes. No doubt he is fast and I am sure he had trained hard for it. But where is the integrity in sportmanship? Apparently this is not the first time he cheated. He competed in the Baguio 21km race in the Philippines using the tag of another Kenyan, Daniel Koringo. He was disqualified after that race when he tried to cash in on his winnings using Koringo’s passport.

Guys, you know it is wrong to run with other runner's bib! Shame on you!

We would like to applaude the organisers for making sure the real winner get the prizes. I hope this will never happen again.

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Runner who give his bib to other also need to BAN.




This Richard Habeya is runner in kl rite?

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