Thursday, August 11, 2016

1st ATA Kuala Lumpur Marathon & 3rd Sarawak Marathon – Kuching, a twin-series marathon

Wow! This really caught us off guard! We have just received an invitation from Asia Tourism Alliance (ATA), Tourism Malaysia to attend the Official Launch & Press Conference for the 1st ATA Kuala Lumpur Marathon & 3rd Sarawak Marathon – Kuching, a twin-series marathon.

ATA was launched in September 2013 by YB Nancy Shukri, a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. ATA has been specializing in sports tourism management, handling niche events that includes Harley Davidson and Ducati, just to name a few. Now, ATA is venturing into marathon as part of their niche products.

ATA aims to create a package with their travel partners to create a package to target the elite groups from China, Korea & Japan, who are interested to participate in the first twin-series run event in Malaysia. ATA has also established a partnership with a running club in China with the number of members reaching 800,000 runners.

The first marathon event will take place in Kuala Lumpur, while the second event will take place in Kuching. In between the two events, the group will have a 6-days opportunity to travel around Malaysia.

Press release update from the organiser:

For more details, please visit

Runwitme Says: We wonder what is the largest running group in China which has 800,000 members mentioned in the press release. What has it to do with the event? Very puzzling... Heheh!

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