Monday, August 15, 2016

Unlimited Youth: Sister Madonna "Iron Nun" Buder

"Unlimited Youth" film celebrates an extraordinary athlete, Sister Madonna Buder, and her determination to defy conventional conceptions of age. At 75, the American nun became the oldest woman to ever complete an IRONMAN triathlon. At 82, she set a world record as the oldest IRONMAN triathlon competitor. Today, at 86 years old, Sister Buder has completed over 40 IRONMAN races. Her steely resolve has earned her the epithet the "Iron Nun."

“You carry your attitude with you,” Sister Buder elaborates. “You either achieve or you self-destruct. If you think positively, you can even turn a negative into a positive.” Along with this spiritual guidance, she imparts simple, yet easily applicable performance advice to younger athletes: “One step at a time makes a marathon.”

The "Unlimited Youth" film is the latest installment in the Nike "Unlimited" Campaign, which includes the "Unlimited Courage" film and "Unlimited You" film. The campaign hails both the everyday athletes and the champion athletes who regularly push their limits.

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