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Race Recap: Men's Health/ Women's Health Night Run (Putrajaya) by AIA Vitality

Last weekend, we joined over 14,000 runners at the second leg of the Men's Health Women's Health Night Run by AIA Vitality in Putrajaya. The earlier leg was held in Penang in April. The event is now firmly established as one of Malaysia's biggest running events with a record number of Malaysians from all over the country coming together to challenge themselves.

We have signed up for the 5km run this time. And as usual, before the race we downed a bottle of Lucozade as hydration and fuel for the run.

We arrived at Putrajaya Sentral around 6pm via the KLIA TRansit. No thanks to the thunderstorm, we were stranded at the bus terminal for a good one hour. We arrived at the start venue around 7pm. By then, the rain had subsided by not completely. We were overjoyed when we saw the sky was decorated with not one, but two rainbows, albeit one was a little shy and had not shown itself completely. I guess, if you want rainbow you have to deal with the rain.

By 7:30pm, the venue was buzzing with runners, almost carnival-like despite the wet evening. This year, the Men's Health Women's Health Night Run by AIA Vitality race village had an array of activities and entertainment for runners and their guests to enjoy late into the night. The showpiece of this was the impressive interactive AIA Vitality booth where guests were provided with complimentary health checks, pre- and post-run massages, fun and fitness challenges as well as a cool chill-out zone. Ultron was offering a taping service for the runners before the race, to help prevent them from injury, while Lucozade delivered essential energy refreshments.

The 21km runners were flagged off promptly at 8pm, followed by the 12km and 5km runners.

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We were “sent off” by a brass band playing ”When The Saints Go Marching In” not too far from the start line. As we dashed into the streets Putrajaya, we had to thank the weather! It was rather cool and enjoyable.

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On one of the roads, we can't remember the name, the runners were "cheered" by thousands of birds on the trees. Yup! 8 something in the evening but they were very chirpy! Check out the video clip below. We were quite careful not to run beneath the trees to avod bird poo. Heheh!

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We didn't push too hard for this run. There was only one water station for the 5km runners. We were actually looking forward for some refreshing Lucozade but the station only served plain water. We made our way back to the finish line, slow and steadily. Upon reaching the finish line, all the 5km runners were presented with a medal and a certificate of achievement each. (Insert happy smile here).

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Straight from the finish line, we headed over to the Lucozade booth where these pretty women were waiting! Heheh!

We had a couple of cup of Lucozade before moving on to the goodies bag collection area.

To our horror, the line was very looooooooooooon and slow moving! That's the only thing that marred otherwise a good fun run.

We are quite happy when we found a bottle of Lucozade inside the goodies bag.

Two down, one more to go! The next leg of the Men's Health/ Women's Health Night Run by AIA Vitality will be held on 7 January 2017 in Johor Bahru. We hope the organisers will ensure queues are kept to as short as possible. Our legs would be tired from the run. Please don't ever keep us waiting in queue, OK? :)

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