Wednesday, May 13, 2009

AirAsia Presents The Saturdays @ Zouk

What? Proudly Presents The Saturdays

Where? Zouk Dance Club, Kuala Lumpur

When? 12 May 2009; 8:30pm

Who? The Saturdays (UK)

I managed to get free pass for this event last minute and had to cancel an appointment (Sorry Jue!!!)

The Saturdays is a HAWT singing group, air-flown by AirAsia direct from UK. "London mali!"

They were in town to promote AirAsia X route to London. Set list pasted on the stage floor.

They opened the showcase with “If This Is Love”, their first hit single from Changing Winds. I love their slick choreographed dance moves. They were HAWT! So hawt that Vanessa tripped and almost fell at the end of the song! Luckily, she was alright!

The second song was a ballad – Issue. It showcased the vocal prowess of the girls. Somehow, Vanessa, the youngest (and shortest) in the group stood up from the rest! She reminds me of Leona Lewis...


Check out the sexy...erm elbows! :)

The only gripe that I have over the performance is the girls didn’t introduce themselves one by one. I could hardly tell who was who until I googled them later the show!

I’m pretty sure not many people know their names! I still have difficulty remember who is who in the world famous The Pussycat Dolls (except Nicole Scherzinger because she is being FEATURED all the time), let alone a newcomer like The Saturdays. LOL!

Check out their HAWT performance of "If This Is Love". Notice there is a chuckle or two at 4:05 when Vanessa tripped on the stage.

Thanks to AirAsia, Now Everybody Can Have "Issue".


The girls were invited back to the stage to draw a lucky name from the box where we all dropped our lucky draw coupons earlier.

The prize? Two returns seats to LONDON!!!!

"Isn’t in yet?" Melody cheekily asked. Heheh!

I was hoping my name would be called out. I desperately need a break from the mundane life of mine. LOL!

The winner turned out to be some girl named Brenda. Sigh!

It rained like cats and dogs when I got out from Zouk but I didn’t really care because I was so glad that Saturdays came after Monday!

I love The Saturdays. Saturday is my second favourite day. My most favorite has to be Sunday because all runs and road races are schedule on Sundays. (Insert peace sign here!)

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