Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Talentime Film Discussion with Yasmin Ahmad

What? Screening and Discussion of Talentime The Movie

Where? Pawagam Mini P. Ramlee, FINAS, Kuala Lumpur

When? 23 May 2009, 3:00pm

I rushed to FINAS in Hulu Kelang from 1-Utama after the Treadmill Challenge for this....

The Talentime movie was screened first before the discussion. Shame about the sound system but didn't have the heart to complain since it was free! :)

I have watched this movie in TGV KLCC once the movie was released late March this year. Have always been a fan of Yasmin Ahmad's movies since Sepet.

Yes....I even traveled all the way to Singapore to catch Muallaf. It was tagged as "The movie Malaysia may not get to see" in the promo posters. No one ever dared to touch the "sensitive" issues like religion the way Yasmin Ahmad did in the movie. She scored beautifully with this movie about love and forgiveness.

Who were in the discussion? - Prof Dr Wan Zawawi (Moderator), Yasmin Ahmad (Director), Mahesh Jugal Kishor (Actor) and Dr. Zulkifli Mohamad.

I found Yasmin very kelakar (funny), sharp and extremly witty. She had the audience roaring with laughter in many instances throughout the discussion. And when she spoke, everybody was like all ears! But of course you have to be fans to turn up for this event. :)

With all the International awards she won, she still claims that she doesn't know much about movie making. :) Very humble-lah this woman. :)

Special appearance by Hon Kahoe who played Kahoe in Talentime.

Why so serious?? Oh! She was listening to a very special woman....Guess who?

Azean Irdawaty!!!

Azean made a surprise visit halfway through the discussion. Wow!

Q & A in session. Movie buffs asked about babies, strawberries and then some.

The Movie Poster

Here are some video clips I took from the discussion.

I would like to thank Yasmin Ahmad for the permission to post these to YouTube.

Note: I used my digital camera to record these, so you might hear some whirring sounds made by the lens.

These were meant for own use but the clips are too good not to be shared!


Mahesh talks about how he was discovered for the movie.

Music - Yasmin talks about how she roped in the talented Pete Teo for the soundtrack. Also hear about why O Re Piya didn't get featured in the OST CD. Yasmin also cheekily provides an alternative to get O Re Piya-ed. ;)

Kahoe - erm, watch at your own risk, I don't even know what to say.

Azean Irdawaty - MUST WATCH! She recollects how she met Yasmin and get casted in Talentime. Find out why her character's name is renamed Embun.

Strawberries. Are strawberries dangerous?

Babies....Where did they come from?

Current & Future Projects......

After the discussion, we were treated with some kuihs and curry noodle.

I went up to Yasmin and asked her permission to post the clips to YouTube. She said OK. (Insert jumping for joy here! Yay!)

We talked briefly about Noah's Ark Animal Shelter. Initially I heard Yasmin was going to shoot her new movie there but due to some reasons, it will not happen after all. :(

She reminded me in Cantonese (this woman never fail to surprise me!) to send her the link to the YouTube clips before I left theater.

I must say that I am very excited about her next project - Go, Thaddeus!

Yasmin! If you ever need any extra as a runner in Go, Thaddeus...please consider ME! Heheh!

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