Monday, May 11, 2009

JW Gift Of Dignity Relay 2009

What? JW Gift Of Dignity Relay 2009

When? : 10 May 2009, 7:30am

Where? : No. 45, Medan Burhanuddin Helmi, TTDI, KL

Who? Organised by Biznet Resources in collaboration with DIGNITY & SERVICES (D&S)

Why? To create awareness within the community about OPTIONS - a Supported Living program for persons with learning disabilities; to create a platform for persons with learning disabilities to run alongside ordinary people; being accepted and treated as equal by the community with respect and dignity AND to promote Sports for All and All for Sports. :)

It was a small scale community run where runners formed teams of threes and run around the neighbourhood. What made the run special - it involved persons with learning disabilities from the home as well.

I volunteered as the photographer this time. Too lazy to run. Heheh!

What is a relay without the baton passing photos, right? Here they are....

Race director Julie Wong....Check out her blog here.

Everybody gets a medal.

Everybody is a winner.

Everybody went home happy....Well at least these written on their T-Shirts. :D

For more information about Dignity & Services, please click

For more action packed photos, please visit

Comments are welcome. If you download any pics, don't forget to say, "Thank You!" :)

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