Monday, May 25, 2009

Standard Chartered Treadmill Challenge 2009

What? Standard Chartered Treadmill Challenge.

Where? HighStreet, 1-U Shopping Mall

When? 23 May 2009

Who? Sazzy Falak, Betty Banafi, Aishah Sinclair, Rina Omar & Nazril Idrus

The organiser of Standard Chartered KL Marathon is going all out to promote KL Marathon to the masses. A two day road show was held at 1-Utama Shopping Mall last weekend.

Since I was free on Saturday morning, I made my way to 1-Utama to catch some stars at the launch of the Treadmill Challenge.

What is a Treadmill Challenge?

The Treadmill Challenge, the first in the country, was set to last for 24 hours over the course of two days, where participants would run for five minutes each at the speed of 5km/hr. Easy peasy, right? Wonder why they called it a challenge. Heheh!

I personally think the real challenge is to get people to sign up for the marathon! LOL! Yeah....many of my friends prefer to lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not give an eff about exercise. (Sigh!)

At the start of the event, 5 local celebrities turned up....the husband and wife team of Nazril Idrus and Sazzy Falak, Aishah Sinclair, Betty Banafi and Rina Omar.

Seen here, they were warming up before the run.

Group pics with the Malaysia Book of Records people. First time in my life I see a certificate being presented before a record was set. Malaysia sure BOLEH! Heheh!

The girls are very flexible, eh?

Kannan Murugasan's bragging right T-shirt. He is the country only Ultraman finisher.....Wow! He was there as a trainer and to dissipate tips about running.

Nazril licking his lips....

Nazril licking his lips again....Hmmm...Dry lips? I dunno. Strange that both photo I took turned out that way....

Rina the most bubbly one. Little dynamite she is...

Betty Banafi...I'm sure it took a lot of effort to look so good in the morning, smiling to the camera while running on a treadmill! She's a pro!

Aishah Sinclair is doing it.

This is Zamil...a Malaysian Idol finalist turned TV Host.

Snazzy Sazzy!

Good...He's not licking his lip anymore. :P

See stars run....

Rina hanging tough!

Rina rocks!

More publicity shots. :)

After the stars, we in turn got to run on the treadmill. I found that 5km/ hr was too slow for me. So I increased the speed to 8km/ hr. :) No sweat!

I get a certificate of appreciation (with name printed on) and a can of 100plus for my effort.

OK...Now that 5 minutes "challenge" is done, the real event will be coming in a month's time.....Have you all signed up????

Check out the video...

Note: Soundtrack - Boom Boom Pow (Remix) - Black Eye Peas.

How many have signed up for KL Marathon? Hopefully many Malaysians will come and support KL Marathon.

You don't have to run 42km. Nobody can just roll out of bed one morning and decide to run a marathon. But a 10km is very doable.

Get fit not fat.

For more information about SCKLM, please visit....

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