Friday, May 01, 2009

der Pacemakers Circuit Run 1

What? der Pacemakers Circuit Run 1

Where? Lake Garden, KL

When? 7:15am 1 May 2009

How long? 10 x 2.8km

Nope! I didn't run. Instead, I volunteered to record the run on video. The run was organised as a series of training for KL Marathon by der Pacemaker Network. Basically, we, a bunch of hardcore runners got together and everyone chipped in to make this training happen.

We used to have the circuit runs when KL Marathon was organised by FTAAA. But now, a new organiser had taken over, the circuit run was not in the program. They had running clinics instead.

The video was inspired by Star Wars series. Actually, the idea sprung from the Ronnie's suggestion to put a "hot and spicy" soundtrack like Star Wars for the run. I managed to download the remixed version of the Imperial March and viola!

Here's the Director's Cut.

Enjoy! Comments are welcome.

I took some pics too at the end of the run. Our official photographer Ultraman Tey had to leave early for work. :)

May the force be with you! Happy training for KL Marathon!

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