Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dr. Mahathir - Selected Letters To World Leaders Chinese Edition Book Launch

What? Dr. Mahathir's Selected Letters To World Leaders Chinese Edition Book Launch

Where? Sunway Pyramid, PJ

When? 13 May 2009 (What a date!)

Who? Dr. M, who else? :)

Our former Prime Minister attended the launch of the Chinese Edition of his bestselling book a couple of days ago, organised by Popular Book Co. (M) Sdn Bhd at Sunway Pyramid.

He was accompanied by Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad (right), who edited and compiled the book. I was there to play reporter and photograher. :)

Looks good for a 84-years old, eh?

Wifey, Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah and daughter, Marina Mahathir.

Yay! A treat to Chinese readers! Dr. M's Selected Letters to World Leaders English edition is in its 5th reprint.

(L-R) Popular Holdings Ltd chairman and managing director Chou Cheng Ngok, Dr. M and the book’s co-author Tan Sri Abdullah Ahmad ...

Aik?! Where did Dr. Siti Hasmah go?

She was hidden from view. Can only see her red dress peeking from behind of Dr. M. So, it is true that behind every successful man, there is a woman! LOL!

Chat session conducted by Jamaluddin Ibrahim. His Mandarin is flawless. Can't say the same for his England...I mean English! :) I was scratching my head trying to figure out what he was saying at times.

Dr. M autographing 50 books for 50 lucky buyers.

Dr. M, posing for me. :D


I love the next shot the most. The signs of time. :)

Dr. M writing on a book with a background picture of a younger version of him writing on a book. :)

The autograph! I borrowed the one of the lucky 50s' book to take a snap shot of the autograph. (Tarak buku, gambar pun jadi la....Heheh!)

I was tempted to buy the original English version to be signed on that night but I was told by the organiser that only the Chinese Edition would be allowed for the autograph. Since I can't read Chinese....I decided not to buy the book (yet). :(

Of all the images, YouTube has chosen a still capture of Dr. Mahathir sticking out his tongue as the thumbnail video by default. Heheh! I don't plan to change it. :)

Click PLAY! Watch snippets of the chat session and Dr. M getting mobbed on his way back to the lift after the ceremony!


I gathered from the chat session, Dr.M is working on a second letter book. Dr M. said that some of the letters that he had wanted to publish couldn’t be released due to national security concerns by the previous PM. Hopefully, they can get pass Najib this time. :)

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