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AMBP Xtreme Challenge @ Sunway Lagoon

What? AMBP Xtreme Challenge @ Sunway Lagoon

Where? Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, of course.

When? June 5, 2010 (Saturday, Agong’s Birthday)

Who? Organised by All Malaysian Bloggers Project and Sunway Lagoon.

When I saw Syahrul's quest for team member for this challenge on his FB status, I immediately say YES!

I met Syahrul, my fellow "Adrenalin Junkie" during an "extreme challenge" too - Adrenalin Junkie Challenge in Genting Highlands last year. You could read about the challenges by clicking the link.

Within a day, an extreme team was formed - me, Syahrul, Emma, Faiz and Nurzita and the rest is history....:)

On the day of the challenge, all 100 participants were treated to some yummilicios nasi lemak for breakfast. I must say the nasi lemak at the Light House is damn GOOD! Really!

The rice is fragrant, the chicken is tender and the sambal sotong is exquisite! (Insert saliva dripping here!)

Meet Michael, the person in charge of AMPB.

And Lily the Head Marshal for the Xtreme Challenge.

After stuffing ou face with nasi lemak, we were all ready for the challenge. (Insert prayer that the sambal sotong won't end up on the rides later here!)


After the team captain grabbed the task envelope, we sat down for a discussion.

We have like a dozen or so tasks to be performed. The tasks were encrypted in clues below. (Re: brain work required). We were supposed to look for the marshal and get a sticker after we have completed the task.

Our biggest problem was - we were only given 2 hours to complete ALL the tasks in all the 5 parks!

Unlike the Adrenalin Junkie challenge in Genting Highland where everything was nicely organised for us; in the Xtreme Challenge - not only our courage, our time management skill was also put to the test. There is NO way we gonna complete the task as ONE team together.

The strategy was to spilt the team to tackle different tasks. Most of the task required participation of more than one person. But we were allowed to beg rope in unfortunate unsuspecting strangers to complete the task for us.

At the end, we decided that not to split the team and complete as many task together. Well, what the point of having a team if we cannot enjoy the games together?

All for one, one for all.

So, we headed for our first task, the nearest to the Light House. Our clue reads: Up up and away with a Superman cartoon next to it.

Lo and behold! We found a girl dressed like a Super Girl there! Heheh! So, we must be on the right track.

True to the clue, our task required us to "fly" to the sky......

Two by two, we were strapped and bolted to sky in a humongous slingshot. I have never seen such huge slingshot in my life! We heard it is the highest in Asia! And on top of that we had to be on look out for the word on top of the roof of the G-Force counter.

Check out the video below.

Whoa! What a ride! It was like flying to the sun, from 0 to 120kph in 2 seconds to a hair raising height of 65 meters! And then we tumbled down in a series of sommersaults abd spins.

We picked an crazy axxed ride for out first task! LOL! (Insert two thumbs up here!)

Our prayers were answered. The nasi lemak and sambal sotong still remained in our stomachs! LOL!

Next we did the ATV challenge and the boating at eXreme park. It was a long wait...but we wanted to try the ATV. :D

Two hours almost passed, we only completed 3 tasks. LOL! But we were OK with it because we enjoy each other company.

Then suddenly we remembered the bonus task at the Scream Park. We might just able to squeeze in one more task before the cut off time. So we hurried our axxes to the Scream Park.

When we arrived....

All ghost and ghouls were out for lunch! Dayum!!!! LOL!

We rushed back to the Light House and checked in our results to the marshal. We prayed that we didn't end up LAST.

Lunch was served while waiting for the result and prize giving ceremony.

Personally, I find that the toughest challenge on that day was eating the mutton curry served on that day! The mutton was eXtremely difficult to chew! Luckily the mutton curry was not part of our task, otherwise we would have failed miserably! LOL! Perhaps, the nasi lemak that morning set too high a standard. LOL!

Meet Mr. Aaron Soo, the CEO of Sunway Lagoon.

According to him, Sunway Lagoon tried to get Adam Lambert to perform at MTV World Stage but the application was having some trouble with PUSPAL (AGENSI PUSAT PERMOHONAN PENGGAMBARAN FILEM DAN PERSEMBAHAN ARTIS LUAR NEGARA) because of his sexual orientation.

So, now we get Katy Perry, Tokio Hotel and the Wonder Girls. Oh well! I wonder if Katy will be banned from singing I Kissed A Girl? Doink!

Meet the winner of the AMBP Xtreme Challenge....

They won tickets to see the artistes mentioned above in the MTV World Stage.

We didn't make it to the top but we didn't end up corot (last) as well. But we had fun doing all the tasks together! YAY!

After lunch we played catch up to the tasks that we didn't manage to do the archery.

....the Flying Fox.

....and the Scream Park. The ghosts and ghouls were back from lunch! LOL!

Acknowledgments: We loved the challenges presented by Sunway Lagoon and AMBP. Thank you for organizing this for the bloggers to experience such thrills and spills at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park!

And now, something that YOU as the readers of this blog can do for Sunway Lagoon:

Sunway Lagoon is hoping it would be four in a row in its bid to win the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA)* Awards under the Asia’s Best Attraction (Medium Category) 2009 category, having won the honour for three years running from 2007 to 2009.

BTW, Sunway Lagoon is the Malaysia's only representative! So, if you vote for Sunway Lagoon, you vote for MALAYSIA too!


Cast your VOTE for Sunway Lagoon HERE

Note: You votes could win yourselves some cool prizes from the generous people of Sunway Lagoon like MTV World Stage passes and more! So start spread the news and vote by 15 June 2010!

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Hi! I wish we did the archery, go kart and G Force ride too! Too bad we didn't have time to go over to the other side of the park. :(



aiyah...dont know about this programme but its sure is fun...

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Wow bestnyerrr!!!
Wanna try G-Force X but not guts till now ;p

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Halo there!

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